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Our Work

Our Expertise

With experience comes an ability to better understand the parameters of a project, and to find solutions that best fit those parameters, often based upon a virtual library of similar solutions to similar projects and a knowledge of what fits and what does not.


Adaptive Renovation

We believe that the built environment plays a large role in defining our society, and relish every opportunity to help historic structures retain a vital role in that on-going definition.

Historic Preservation

Historic structures are initially in poor condition and nearly all of them needing intervention. We take pride in our ability to develop appropriate material treatments and design solutions for the specific conditions.

New Construction

We provide structural engineering services for residential and commercial new construction, from project conception to completion.

Interested in retaining
Structures North?

We offer outstanding service, creativity, innovation, and appropriateness of design, always striving to be the best in our field. Contact us to discuss your project.