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Our Mission

Providing appropriate
design and diagnostic
consulting for all projects.

Since our incorporation in 1997, Structures North Consulting Engineers, Inc. has grown to become one New England’s preeminent engineering consulting firms in the field of historic preservation, while growing a steady share of the commercial, institutional and residential markets.

Our Team

John Wathne is a Structural Engineer with 35+ years of professional experience and is the founder of this firm. He is a nationally recognized expert in the evaluation, stabilization and restoration of historic structures of all construction types, including dry laid and wet laid stone and fired clay masonry, wood stick and timber framing, and early steel and cast iron. John most enjoys saving and preserving structures that exist purely for their historic, architectural and/or social/cultural significance, as well as inventing new ways to do so.

He is the chair of ASTM “Historic Mortars” Task Group C12.03.03 and the former co-chair of ICRI “Masonry” Committee 410.

When not at the office or a jobsite, John is either biking, sea kayaking, hiking, landscape painting or model railroading.

John Wathne P.E.


Mr. Moll is a principal at Structures North and has been in practice since 1982. He is a licensed structural engineer in seven states. His vast experience has included new construction, renovation, and historic preservation. His wide and varied experience provides for considerable intuition in proposing appropriate structural systems, whether new or remedial, and in diagnosing and providing structural solutions for older building. He has a proven ability to coordinate complex projects including the interaction of the structural components with other disciplines.

He is past two-term president of the Structural Engineering Association of Massachusetts and a founding officer. He continues to serve as a director.
• Vilna Shul
• Cary Memorial Hall
• Paul Revere Memorial Association

Edward H. Moll II, P.E.


Mr. Nowak is a registered professional structural engineer with over 20 years of practical project experience. His work includes the design of new structures, evaluation, stabilization and restoration of historic structures to adaptive re-use and renovation of existing buildings, many of which involve accessibility upgrades. Always looking for creative and practical solutions to complex problems, Mr. Nowak enjoys focusing on details and coordinating with other members of the design team and contractors with an open mind for solutions

When he is not improving the built environment, he enjoys skiing, snowboarding, hiking and spending time outdoors with family.

Featured Projects:
• Vilna Shul
• Cary Memorial Hall
• Paul Revere Memorial Association

Greg Nowak, P.E.


Mr. Reese, a licensed PE in Massachusetts, has been a structural engineer since 1998. His career began with a focus on wood-frame construction and both single-family and multi-family residential projects, before branching out into new and existing commercial, retail, historic, and educational projects constructed of a variety of materials.

Mr. Reese is proficient in the use of structural software used for modeling large or complicated structural systems, and has even created a spreadsheet-based program using Visual Basic for Applications to make the complicated formulas of wood connection design simple to use.

• Marblehead Old Town House
• Conte School
• Simes House

Jeff Reese, P.E.


Rebecca (Becca) joined the Structures North team in July 2021. At her previous job, Becca gained experience in the construction of large new buildings. In her time at Structures North, she has focused on both new and existing structures. She has worked on a wide variety of projects with a wide range of construction materials, including concrete, wood, steel, and CMU.

Becca got her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Connecticut, and is pursuing a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins part time. She received her E.I.T. certificate in 2019 and is currently pursuing her P.E. license.

On the weekends, Becca enjoys going to the beach, baking, and spending time with her friends.

Rebecca Woods


Jill joined Structures North in 2021. She is originally from New York, where she earned her B.E. in Civil Engineering from Stony Brook University. Following this, Jill achieved her MSc degree in Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions and Monuments (SAHC) from the University of Minho in Portugal. Through her study in the preservation field, she also developed a deep interest in non-destructive techniques and completed her master’s thesis on the feasibility of applying sonic tomography and GPR for further insight into the structure’s well-being. She obtained her E.I.T. certificate in July of 2020 and is now working to earn her P.E. license. Outside of the office, Jill loves to bake, hike, dabble in photography, and explore new places to dine out.
Jillian Borghardt


Gabe has been with Structures North since the beginning. The company was born just a few months after he was, in the house he grew up in. Years later Gabe was chauffeuring the engineers to job sites as soon as he got his driver’s license and has been a part of the Structures North team ever since. His current responsibilities cover a wide variety of tasks including office work, accounting, building PCs, drone inspection flights and helping manage the construction of this website. Along with his work at Structures North, Gabe is the Operations Manager of VoidSpan Technologies, where he is involved with contractor training, equipment design and assembly, 3D printing, and overall business operation duties.

When not working Gabe enjoys playing guitar, working on his car, riding snowmobiles, hiking, and hanging out with his dogs.

Gabriel Wathne


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